About La Vista Hotel

Launched in July 2016 the eagerly awaited La Vista Hotel ‘...an exclusive experience’ boutique hotel is conveniently situated in the heart of Sylhet Metropolitan City, overlooking the new Kazir Bazar Bridge nestled among the spectacular natural beauty of tea plantations and surrounded by a haven of mesmerising greenery.
La Vista Hotel offers 35 rooms in 6 different room catagories with modern contemporary interior design, quintessential individually tailored comforts and tranquillity ideal for business travellers and leisure travellers alike.
Beautifully and eclectically-appointed, the hotel invites its guests to unwind, relax, experience exclusivity like no other in the cosmopolitan City of Sylhet providing high standards without compromise. Whether you’re on the glazed rooftop restaurant/dining room adoring the breath-taking views, indulging in the magnificently rich panoramic vista from the seventh-floor terrace or in the comfort of one of La Vista’s hotel room, with each and every aspect of our hotel you’ll be left with a memorable impact.